Well the new shop is off and running. The new address is 3803 W. SAHARA LAS VEGAS NEV 89102.
The russell shop is permanently closed.
Some times words do not express what we are trying to say and this is one of those times. Steve Kosovski, Josh Garcia, Joe Reuber, Dustin Unger, Justin McBride, Bob Testilon, Sean Carey and Jerod Casey. An unspeakable debt of gratitude goes out to you all. Thanks for spending your nights and weekends to help build out the new shop. To the wifey for her everlasting support of me doing art for a living. To my crew, Manny, Twister, and Cap for hanging in thru a very ruff 2013 and sticking it out for the promising 2014. To my family for there undying support of Pokers since day one. To all my clients and friends who continually support Pokers thru thick and thin, MUCHOS GRACIAS!!!
So here is to positive 2014 for all.. Come check the new shop, WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!


For 10 years Pokers Tattoo Parlor has been on the corner of Russell and Valley View. Pokers started in an industrial area and has maintained its integral reputation the entire time.Times are changing and sometimes you gotta go with the flow. The Pokers crew has decided that its time to expose the shop, the art and our working class ethic to more of a consumer atmosphere. So I am super stoked to officially announce that Pokers Tattoo Parlor will be moving locations. I will be shutting down the current location at Russell and Valley View, and moving it just a couple miles north to the south west corner of Sahara and Valley View. We will maintain our current schedules till the end of December at the russell shop, with a GRAND REOPENING on January 3, 2014, at the new shop. The actual address of the new Pokers is 3803 w. Sahara ave. Las vegas Nevada, 89102.
To all of our existing clients past and present, no need for concern, we will continue our current mode of operation. The new shop is gonna be bitchen! The only thing changing is the location. Same contact info, same website, same crew, same name.
Mark your calendars, Friday January 3, 2014, Pokers Tattoo Grand Reopening!!!! We will be posting random updates on both the pokers face book and instagram accounts so stay tune to watch the progress of the new shop… Thanks to everyone for all the love and support. your Pokers Tattoo Crew

Haunted House Promo

Win Tickets sign
Pokers Tattoo Parlor, Asylum and Hotel Fear have teamed up to bring you this exciting and scary new promotion for the month of October.
Stop by Pokers Tattoo and enter to win two VIP combo tickets to Vegas’ #1 haunted houses, Asylum and Hotel Fear, located at the Meadows Mall.. In addition, Pokers will be giving away general admission tickets to clients while supplies last, so ask your artist for details on that. Come get a tattoo and receive 1 free general admission ticket to either Hotel Fear or the Asylum!!! You can also receive a 25% off flyer to Pokers Tattoo by purchasing a ticket at each haunted house.
Special thanks to Jan at Hotel Fear and The Asylum for helping put this promo together, and thanks to all for your continued support of Pokers Tattoo Parlor… HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!

Pokers Tattoo 10 year Anniversary

THANKS!!! To all who came out on Sat for the party, it was pretty amazing to see everyone come together and endure the heat in celebration of pokers 10 yr anniversary. Special thanks to Rapheal Buckles, Blue Tile Lounge, Greaser Social Club, Steve’s Cycle Shop, Codys Smoking BBQ and all the bands. Unfair Fight, Mersa, and No Ones Listening. And to all the vendors and people who came out to skate and partake in the festivities. I cant express enough gratitude…here is to another 10 years!

Revolvers Regrettable Tattoo Contest

ptp-blogOn Saturday May 18th, Pokers Tattoo Parlor with be hosting Revolvers Regrettable Tattoo Contest inside the Sante Fe Station Hotel and Casino. Any one out there at the age of 21 or over may come down and enter to win a free cover up by one of the artist here at Pokers Tattoo. Contest starts at 11pm and will be judged by the Pokers Tattoo crew. Winners from that night will come back on Sat the 27th and do it all again for the final judging and determine the winner.. If you have a tattoo you regret and want covered,here is your chance to get it done for FREE!!!. We will also have some promotional merchandise to hand out. So come on down and PARTY with us at Revolver on may 18th.. Hope to see ya there. Thanks for all your support, Chris…

$500.00 tattoo raffle!!!

On June 3rd 2013 Pokers Tattoo Parlor with be 10 yrs old. In honor of this i would like to offer $500.00 worth of tattoo time to 1 lucky winner. From April 1st 2013 to June 1st 2013 I will be selling raffle tickets for $10.00 each. One $10.00 ticket can win you $500.00 worth of tattoo time with Chris Unger here at the shop. you can purchase the tickets here at the shop, buy 1 or buy 10, its up to you. On June 1st we are going to have a huge 10 yr celebration party here at the shop and I will announce the winner that night. You need not be present to win. $500.00 worth of tattoo time for 10 bucks. Smokin deal! I will be posting more details on the 10 yr celebration party soon so check back for that. its gonna be a hootin good time. thanks to all for keepin us alive for 10 yrs. till next time.

Art Show

flyer for art showMy good friend Rapheal Buckles is putting on another great art show thru the month of April, a lot of great art being displayed on used, beat up and broken skateboards.. It will be held in the Arts Factory downtown at 107 E Charleston blvd suite 105b. Go check it out!!!

Welcome To Pokers Tattoo Parlor!

Well its been a long time coming and it has finally arrived, welcome to pokerstattooparlor.com. Over the years, friends and clients have been pushing me to start a web site for many obvious reasons. Well Its 2013 and time to join the internet age. Pokers tattoo will be 10 yrs. old this June, so better late then never. Not to mention this is my first ever blog entry. If you knew me personally, you would know how funny it is to hear those words come out of my mouth. I recently heard a quote that goes something like this, “I am a low tech man in a high tech world”. Well, now its time for me to get my rear into gear!. This site is meant to serve several purposes that I don’t need to explain to you all, but there is one thing I would like to point out. The internet, social media and everything this computer is used for is a grossly misused and equally abused tool. A tool in my book is something that is meant to make what ever task I am performing easier and more efficient. That is my intention with this site, hopefully pokerstattooparlor.com will help you with the painstaking task of finding your new tattooer, which in return will help us tattoo more, earn money, pay bills etc… So, take your time, browse through the site, it is my hope that you see that the site is easy to navigate through and enjoyable to look at. I will be posting random blog entries as soon as I have the time and content to do so, so stay in touch. We will be advertising tattoo specials, special events, updates on new and existing projects, new tattoo pics, videos and more. Last but not least, I want to give a huge thanks to Jessica Bruens who owns/operates purplespade.com. She designed and built this site and has been extremely helpful through out the entire process. She has gone above and beyond and I highly recommend her! Thanks again Jessica…
Now surf your tails on down here and get tattooed.